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Iron Men of '99

Executive Producer

Steve Bivens has an extraordinary creative vision for stories that touch the heart and stimulate the soul.  Starting as a beloved teacher and counselor, his desire to help his community developed into a successful 14 year career as a Tennessee State representative where he helped build bridges (figuratively and literally) and highways to increase commerce and community.


He served on a district school board for 10 years where he was Chairman for 2 years; he spearheaded closing old dilapidated buildings where young pupils were at health risk, and worked to ensure that quality education become available to all. Now, and for the last 24 years, having parlayed his background with his strategic mind, Steve has built a successful family company in Government Relations operating in Nashville, Tennessee. Highly ranked and representing major companies such as Air BnB, eBay, Bayer, Uber, Sprint & Tennessee Forestry Association, he is translating his outstanding vision and strategic mind into Film production as an Executive Producer.


Steve is currently crafting the historical, true story of the Sewanee Tigers into a major motion picture - 'Iron Men of ’99'. Pioneers in their field with five of those wins, all shutouts, happening in a six-day period while on a 2,500-mile trip by steam train. (Ten of their twelve opposing teams, including all five of their road trip victims, remain major college football powers to this day).


In 2012, the College Football Hall of Fame held a vote of the greatest historic teams of all time, where the 1899 Iron Men beat the 1961 Alabama Crimson Tide - as the greatest team of all time.


Steve ‘discovered’ this story in 1993 – captivated by the David and Goliath type story and the valiant challenge of a small University battling with greats such as Auburn, Tulane, LSU – he always believed that it should be memorialized as a Motion Picture.


Knowing that inspirational stories stimulate imagination and success across all socioeconomic groups and the world, he recognizes 'Iron Men of ’99' aptly tells the story of transcending struggles and overcoming immense odds which provoke the determination to make a difference and build great hope for the future.

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