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Iron Men of '99

Luke Lea, 20

Luke is only son and heir of Overton Lea. Good looking but irresponsible and an opportunist.  He becomes Manager of Iron Men in a bid to capitalize on a winning team and gain favor in his father’s eyes. Likeable but a bratty ‘trust fund baby’. Gambles, drinks and parties too much. He has no close friends yet has a way of making others do what he envisions.  Luke realizes he has a crush on Emily, so he befriends her brother, JR, to keep connected to her.

Emily Jameson, 36

Emily is the daughter of Irish immigrants.  Pretty, both strong and smart. Orphaned by Yellow Fever and too old to marry.  Ahead of her time, but caught in a caste system,  she ‘parents’  her little brother J.R. and wants to see him through school until he’s of age. Falls for Luke, but is nobody’s fool. Handy with a shotgun.

Willie Six, 15

African American and wise beyond his years. Willie attends to the team’s ailments and injuries throughout training and the season. He travels with the team and treats them with potions  made by Birdie, his mother. Young Six is working to help the family and be part of something bigger. Willie Six sees all, making his own judgments and keeping his head low. Loyal to the team and in an endeavor to head off disaster, he provides sage advice to Luke Lea.

Overton Lea, 50's

Luke’s Father is a wealthy and striking man.  Shrewd with a strong personality. He is a prominent businessman, cattleman, landowner and lawyer. Overton, as a proud and principled man, is at a loss as to his son’s apparent lack of character and has no patience with sloth.

Edward Williams, 50's

Williams is a Sewanee University board member. Blustery, Williams is the owner of the Sewanee Mining and Timber Company. Cunning with no moral compass when it comes to what he wants---and he wants the University’s land and Emily. There is bad blood between him and Overton.

Vice Chancellor Wiggins, 70's

A pious\, religious man with almost a regal stature. Has a good Christian heart but believes in the school and its success which makes him a realist and a strong leader. A good friend of Overton’s and relies on not only his judgment, but his financial contributions.

Mrs. Chandler, 60's

An elegant, no-nonsense Scottish immigrant.  Now a widow, she is the Sewanee Mountain boarding house owner who watches after her ‘boys’, and acts sometimes as their chaperone, sometimes as their mother. She is very proud and protective of the team and their well being.

Cal Burrows, 50's

Cal Burrows, African American, is the senior athletic trainer and healer.  He is a Mentor and Uncle to Willie Six. In supporting Captain Diddy Seibels, Cal brings stability and structure to the team with a powerful presence and elegant poise. He becomes Simkins’ rock as he endures his most major crisis.

John Heisman, 30's

Legendary Coach Heisman of German heritage and in the early throes of his career.  Heisman is the coach of the notorious University of Auburn football team.  His strategy: Winning is all that matters and when that doesn’t work ‐ cheat.

Ormond Simkins, 19

Iron Men's star kicker.  A valiant, handsome, wiry boy who lives only for football. Both loved and feared, his abilities become legendary amongst the rival teams. Simkins faces his worst nightmare when he contracts tuberculosis of the bone, from repeated brutal hits to his legs.

Dean Fletcher, 70's

Dean Fletcher is a gnarly veteran of the Civil War. He gave his youth and health to a war he believed in and learned his principals on the battlefield.  He has no time for these young upstart whippersnappers and less time for football.

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