Iron Men of '99

Writer & Director

Currently residing in Nashville, Tennessee, Gillian has developed, written, directed and produced over 180 award-winning dramas around the world including Australia and Asia.

Known as the actors’ director and has worked with such well-known people as, Josh Lawson (House of Lies), Guy Pearce (Memento, Iron Man 3), Alan Dale (The Practice), Ng Chin Han (The Dark Night,Contagion), Ben Mendelson (Bloodline, The Dark Knight Rises), and famous Australian, Kylie Minogue. She also worked closely with prolific producer, Hal McElroy (‘The Sum of Us’ starring Russell Crow, Picnic at Hanging Rock).

Gillian has been successful in those much coveted and lucrative Asian markets, producing ground breaking three winning series of English Speaking Dramas. The distribution of her works include Fremantle Media, Network 7, Joint Venture Television Corporation of Singapore, accomplishing the same in Indonesia.


She directed the highly successful reality series ‘BIG BROTHER’ and ‘SINGAPORE IDOL’.  She is currently development consultant on Motion Pictures ‘PRIMAL’ (with Academy Award writer, Pamela Wallace) and responsible for the development and polish of the script, ‘IRON MEN of ’99’ for Skippy Entertainment, LLC.

Gillian is Full Member of the Australian Directors Guild & Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts and now invited to join the prestigious DGA (Directors Guild of America).