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Historical TV Series inspired by true events.

The year is 1899, only 34 years since the end of the civil war and the Yellow Fever epidemic has ravaged the southeast, especially the College of the South, Sewanee University in Tennessee.  But the Sewanee Tigers football team did something so historic that it has never been repeated---ever.

Sewanee University teeters on bankruptcy and the only way to save the school is through their ragtag football team.  So they set out on an impossible mission.  With only 13 players on their roster and their head coach deserting them, the Tigers embarked on a grueling 2,500 mile journey to play five unbeatable teams in six days. The teams?  Texas, Texas A&M, Tulane, LSU and Ole Miss---all gridiron gods!

Not only did the Sewanee Tigers shut out each of those teams but this young team achieved the impossible by completing a 12-0 season against all the powerhouse teams of the south.  This underdog team defeated them all with not a single point scored against them, with the exception of Auburn, coached by the legendary John Heisman.  And even Auburn could only score 10 points in a loss to the Tigers.  


This gripping episodic tells the story of the legend of the Sewanee Iron Men of '99.

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